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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a technique for promoting your business on the Internet through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Most often, SMO means creating content that users will independently distribute by posting on their pages or sending to others they know. Thus, the dissemination of information on the recommendatory scheme causes more confidence among potential consumers.SMO is a tremendous opportunity to market your products & services online using Social media platforms. It helps in gaining 100% targeted audience and active leads that can be easily converted into sales opportunities.

Using tried and true strategies; we will manage your social media channels and communities to generate viral publicity for your website. Our competent and efficient staff will be getting your name out there on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, video sites like Youtube, social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Reddit and many more.

The main goals of Social Media Marketing:

  • Traffic
  • Company promotion
  • Loyalty
  • Brand recognition
  • Quick communication from customers
  • Understanding the preferences of the audience.

Creating a social interest group.

The functionality of most social networks involves the possibility of creating thematic communities in which the administration publishes interesting / useful content, and users ask questions, share opinions and in other ways interact with each other. For example, a household appliance repair company can publish small instructions for eliminating minor breakdowns, and when something serious arises, users will already know who to contact.

Targeted advertising.

The integrated system of paid advertising, allowing to show ads to the filtered segments of users by interests, demographic data, place of residence, marital status and even position. Such advertising, as in the case of contextual advertising, works on the principle of auction – the higher you set the price, the more advertisements will be displayed. It should be noted that the payment is not for ad impressions, but for transfers via hyperlinks to a community or a website.

Promotion in social networks.

Promotion in social networks differs quite a wide variety of methods of attracting customers, from mailings and ending with paid advertising. However, not all of them can show high efficiency. So, for example, paid wrapping with special services starting from around 2012 not only shows zero efficiency, but also negatively affects the company’s image.